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UX Week 2013 – Recap

In early August, I attended UX Week 2013 which was hosted by Adaptive Path in San Francisco California.  I attended the event with a number of colleagues including: Louisa ButlerCharles CrawfordMario GonzalezBill Welense and myself.  As a nice debrief we crafted a blog for Roundarch Isobar’s blog with an emphasis on a top ten list with one exception.  We decided that this top ten list about UX Week 2013 would be capped not at 10 but proceed to 11.  Following the lessons of Nigel Tufnel from the band Spinal Tap, we needed that extra push to take us over the cliff, hence this one goes to 11.

You can read the complete blog posting at Roundarch Isobar’s blog – UX Week 2013, The Top Ten Lessons Learned (This One Goes Up to 11!)


Dan Nehring at UX Week.

Daniel Nehring at UX Week.