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iOS7 Turn Off Parallax Effect – no more motion sickness

Do you get motion sickness?  The kind of motion sickness one gets from the spinning teacups at Disney World.  Some people will not experience the effects of motion sickness, while others will be green for hours afterwards.  Well, with Apple’s recent release of iOS7 some people are experiencing these same motion sickness effects.

In the User Experience community, we refer to the effect that is to blame as parallax and while it might make a cool geewiz moment, for some, like me, it wil just makes them ill.  Therefore, we are providing the steps to turn off this effect and go back to a nice non-movement Home screen on your iOS7 device, be it an iPad or iPhone.

I have provided step-by-step screenshots on how to enabled the ‘Reduce Motion’ functionality within iOS7.  If you already are familiar with iOS7 then the short version is provided below.

The short version of the instructions.

  1. Tap into ‘General
  2. Tap into ‘Accessibility
  3. Tap into ‘Reduce Motion
  4. Slide ‘Reduce Motion’ toggle to the right
  5. Done

Disabled Parallax effect iOS7

1. Go into your settings and select General.




2. Within the General view, Select Accessibility by tapping on it.



3. Select Reduce Motion.  It is a bit counterintuitive at first to think that Reduce Motion is set to off.  When Reduce Motion is set to Off, then iOS7 is displaying the parallax effect that is making you ill.  We will want to toggle Reduce Motion to on.



4. Within the Reduce Motion screen, slide the toggle to the right.



5. The reduce motion toggle will turn green letting you know that the Reduce Motion is enabled.  Afterwards you will want to tap the Accessibility to visually confirm your change.  At this point you could also press your physical home button and begin using your iPhone, but I am the type of person who needs a visual confirmation.



6.  You will notice that reduce Motion is now set to On.  This confirms that the parallax effect will no longer be shown on your home screen.  Your motion sickness will subside.  Enjoy. 


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iPhone’s iOS7 Shortened Battery Life – Disable App Refresh

OK, so iOS7 was released and yes the battery life was affected in the new operating system release.  Luckily you can largely remedy the situation by disabling your Application refreshes.  Application Refresh allows a subset of applications to be automatically updated by iOS7.  This is a new features and since it periodically must check if there are any new updates to the applications it creates the negative effect of shortening battery life.

Below are some screenshots on how to ‘Disable App Refresh’ for those that are new to the Settings section of iOS7.  For those that are familiar with settings the high-level steps are the following:

  1. Tap into ‘General
  2. Tap into ‘Background App Refresh
  3. Slide ‘Background App Refresh’ toggle to the left
  4. Confirm ‘Disabled Background App Refresh
  5. Done

1. Go Into the iOS7 Settings and tap General. 


2. Within the General section, select Background App Refresh.


3. On the Background App Refresh view you will notice that the toggle switch is slid to the right and is presently green.  You will want to slide the toggle to the left.


4. Upon sliding the toggle to the left you will be prompted within a modal overlay.  At this point you will want to confirm your action by tapping on Disable Background App Refresh.  


5.  After tapping the Disable Background App Refresh button, the modal overlay will go away and you will once again shown the Background App Refresh view.  Notice that the toggle is now slid to the left and is no longer green.  At this point you have properly disabled the applications from running in the background of iOS7 and saved yourself a bit of battery life.  You can click on the home button (the big round physical button on the bottom of the iPhone) and go back to using your phone.


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Why Apple’s iPhone… “Greatest Bathroom Device Ever!”

Now I am not an early adopter.  Early adopters are those tech junkies that will go out and buy the latest gadget rather than pay their monthly rent.  No friends, I am what some would call a fiscal conservative.  It was only when my wife washed my old T-mobile phone did I make the jump over to AT&T and the iPhone.

In the two months that I have been using the iPhone I have noticed that the amount of phone calls I make with my phone has greatly decreased.  At the same time that amount of time I am on the phone has increased, the difference is now I am using my phone to check SMS, eMail, Social Media sites and the net in general.  This has lead me to a revelation… the iPhone is the greatest bathroom device ever.

If you are one of those people who like to camp out once a day in the bathroom because it is the only place in the world where you can be alone, then this phone is for you.  Using the iPhone you can now have a discrete device that allows you to check up on all your favorite sites while taking care of your biological disposal.  It is very easy to route your personal email to your iPhone and thus you can now easily send short replies.  

Need to find a few minutes to juggle your fantasy team.  No problem, just grab you iPhone and head for the nearest porcelain.  

Want to write your mother who you haven’t written back in over a week.  Again, just take a seat in your favorite rest room and have at it.  The keyboard does take a few days to develop your technique, but it is way better than the standard 1-9 keys that we are all getting tired of.  The best part is because there are no actual keys to press, just a glass screen to type, you can run super silent with no one next to you being the wiser.

There are many other things you can now do thanks to your iPhone.  How about purchase items right off Amazon’s site.  I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my wife when she got upset that the Tivo hadn’t been set up since we moved.  No problem, grab my iPhone, log into Amazon and purchase the wireless adapter for the Tivo that we were missing.  Even better you can cross shop next time you are in the mall the price of gifts verse Amazon in real time.  Buy all your books, electronics, games, diapers, etc. tax free with free shipping (if you puchase straight from Amazon and the price is over $25).  This works great in cities where the sales tax rates can reach 10%.

So, take some time for yourself, hit the head and take a few quiet minutes.  If will change your life.

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