Get a Starbucks, notice a new website (

This morning I opened up the pocketbook, dusted off the cobwebs, and purchased a Starbucks coffee. Coffee being served hot, the barista placed a “hope you do not burn yourself” piece of cardboard around the biodegradable paper cup. I was delighted to see Chicago’s favorite talk show host had a quote on the side of the cardboard wrapper that directed me to

Now is not that interesting a site; by all appearances its sole purpose is slinging Oprah’s special, only available in Starbucks, tea. What was interesting is that is a single site in the larger ecosystem. was redesigned and launched at the end of March 2014. The redesign is heavily influenced by mobile/tablet design patterns. This is due to receiving more traffic via mobile than desktop computers according to quantcast’s metrics. Unique in their implementation is the use of a scrolling wayfinding right rail (a bit to small to be noticed without readers) and application icons in the left rail as a way to navigate between sub-sites. It will be fun to watch if the approach of focusing primarily on the mobile/tablet interface dominates web design or if brands continue to create separate desktop vs. mobile experiences.

Clearly Oprah is all in on tablet/mobile.

Nothing says easy to use like instructions upon first reaching a site.


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