Monthly Archives: November 2013

Testing PDFs

Test-SEO-DOC-Save-Name (pdf format)

This is a simple post for a testing PDFs in social media. The goal is to see how metadata created within an word document is transferred to a PDF and ultimately displayed within LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. Let’s see how this works and feel free to use it for your own testing purposes.


SEO Personas – Adobe Illustrator Template

Trying to explain the nuances of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) personas to clients can be challenging.  Often a persona can be loaded up with data and text, making it difficult to differentiate one persona from another.  Following a best practice within user experience (UX), we have begun using simple icons within our SEO personas to help convey the differences to clients.  Attached is an Adobe Illustrator template that you can utilize or use as a launching point to create your own SEO Personas icons.

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