iOS7 Turn Off Parallax Effect – no more motion sickness

Do you get motion sickness?  The kind of motion sickness one gets from the spinning teacups at Disney World.  Some people will not experience the effects of motion sickness, while others will be green for hours afterwards.  Well, with Apple’s recent release of iOS7 some people are experiencing these same motion sickness effects.

In the User Experience community, we refer to the effect that is to blame as parallax and while it might make a cool geewiz moment, for some, like me, it wil just makes them ill.  Therefore, we are providing the steps to turn off this effect and go back to a nice non-movement Home screen on your iOS7 device, be it an iPad or iPhone.

I have provided step-by-step screenshots on how to enabled the ‘Reduce Motion’ functionality within iOS7.  If you already are familiar with iOS7 then the short version is provided below.

The short version of the instructions.

  1. Tap into ‘General
  2. Tap into ‘Accessibility
  3. Tap into ‘Reduce Motion
  4. Slide ‘Reduce Motion’ toggle to the right
  5. Done

Disabled Parallax effect iOS7

1. Go into your settings and select General.




2. Within the General view, Select Accessibility by tapping on it.



3. Select Reduce Motion.  It is a bit counterintuitive at first to think that Reduce Motion is set to off.  When Reduce Motion is set to Off, then iOS7 is displaying the parallax effect that is making you ill.  We will want to toggle Reduce Motion to on.



4. Within the Reduce Motion screen, slide the toggle to the right.



5. The reduce motion toggle will turn green letting you know that the Reduce Motion is enabled.  Afterwards you will want to tap the Accessibility to visually confirm your change.  At this point you could also press your physical home button and begin using your iPhone, but I am the type of person who needs a visual confirmation.



6.  You will notice that reduce Motion is now set to On.  This confirms that the parallax effect will no longer be shown on your home screen.  Your motion sickness will subside.  Enjoy. 


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