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HDTV & Zenith DTT901 a great combination (Review)

This is an older article that I wrote and only got around to posting now.  If you need a converter box, I highly recommend the Zenith901 – is a great little box.

I am officially a believer.  HDTV is the best thing to happen to TV since the cable box.  I am not talking about the type of HDTV you can get get through your satellite dish or even the offerings coming out of the cable companies.  The type of HDTV I am talking about is the stuff that was going to come in February 09 (strike that) make that June 09 that vastly improved the picture for million of Americans.

My belief started the day we received our Zenith DTT901 in the mail (for those wanting to order one check out  This is a converter box that takes over the air digital signals and converters it into an analog signal that can be displayed by those of you with an older set; like the ones with the rabbit ears.

The Zentih DTT901, or as I like to call it a “little miracle in a box”, took an worn out 9 inch RCA TV and added years to its life.  Instead of the frustration of only getting a handful of channels in “so-so” reception, we were now getting bright, beautiful, crisp channels with more choices then ever before.  Instead of one PBS, we know had four of them.  There is a full time dedicated weather channel along with multiple version of NBC, CBS and ABC.  In total there is a solid 20 channels to pick from and best of all each one has perfect reception.

Now a couple words of warning.  First you will only need a converter box if you plan to use an older TV with an antenna.  If you have cable or satellite then you are set and do not need a converter box.  If there is a weather storm, your reception could suffer just like it did with the previous analog signals.  You will also need to live in an area where there is a High Definition signal strong enough for you to receive (those of you in mountainous regions or far away from cities may not get a signal).  Finally, while the picture is crisper, an older TV will not be displaying the true 720p that only a High Definition TV can deliver.

So, does that mean you should not get a converter box? Absolutely not.  If you have an old TV in a spare room of the house without cable and have been putting off upgrading it with a converter box, don’t hesitate a day longer.  Take the plunge and try out a Zenith DTT901, I think you will be presently surprised by the quality of signal you can receive over the air.