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A Better Shower Experience

Often when people discuss user experience they are focusing on the technology side of a particular product or on-line service.  I know in my line of work that is exactly my view of the world.  This morning I want to break out of this common perception of user experience and talk about a bit of about a common everyday experience that can be better.  Today, I am talking about our daily shower.

A little over two years ago I rented an apartment with one of those hand-held showers already installed.  I didn’t give it much thought and felt it would be a nice convenience.  What a difference a few months can make.  All the sudden the detachable shower became part of my daily ritual. Not only could you easily direct the water where you wanted it to go, but it had some great secondary uses.

  1. Spray off all the soap scum at the end of your shower.  You know that little bit of soap that flies off your body and land on the curtain or tile only to sit there until your decide to clean it off.  Well with a hand-held shower you can now spray it off in a few second and greatly reduce the amount of times you need to clean the shower.
  2. Doing a quick hair wash without jumping into a full shower.  If you have ever just wanted to wash your hair before going out, perhaps because of some hat head, then this is a great device.  You can just lean into the tub and wash your hair quickly while keeping the water from running all over your floor.  
  3. Wash a toddler’s hair with less tears. This is more for parents, but kids quickly get adjusted to using a hand-held shower to wash their hair.  Most children don’t like having their hair dunked in the bath, plus it can be hard to wash out all the soap/shampoo this way.  Well with a hand-held shower you can just bring the shower head down to their level and quickly spray off their hair.  It is much quicker, cleaner and doesn’t produce the same amount of bathing trama.

The best part about hand-held showers is that they are terribly easy to install.  It takes less than five minutes to take off your old shower head, clean off the spout and install the new hand-held shower.  I recommend the Waterpik line and in particular the model number Model # SM85W which can be purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I recommend it to my friends and family and have personally installed it a 1/2 dozens showers with no issues.  (Just remember to take out the low flow valve)

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