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Google Chrome why it matters?

So, if you have read any publications over the past couple of weeks then you have heard about this new browser called Chrome.  Chrome is a new browser developed by Google, yes the same Google that 80% of the US uses on an everyday basis.  Shortly after reading about Chrome, you asked yourself why does this even matter?  Well, I am hear to try and clarify why you might want to try Google’s Chrome.

The biggest reason for you or any user to try Google’s Chrome is that each tab acts as an independent browser. So, if one of the web sites you are visiting inadvertently locks up, you can simple close that tab without having to close the whole browser.  If you are a serious web surfer, then this alone will help keep you from ripping out your hair.

Another great feature of Chrome is that it does away with many of the tool bars that you seeing in today’s browser.  It gets rid of the clutter and allows the user to just focus on the content on the page.  This might seem like a minor point, but how many family and friends have you seen that have 5 to 10 toolbars active at any one time.  It gets to the point where the toolbars are taking up more screen space then the web content.  Chrome wisely strips the interface down to the bare essentials.  It even allows searching to take place right in the same  input box as the site URLs.  So, no longer will you have to spell a URL 100% correctly – a miss spelling will perform a Google Search where you can pick the correct URL from a list.  Brilliant!

Finally, the last reason to try out Google’s Chrome is that it has been optimized (warning Geek Speak) to perform extremely fast with JavaScript.  JavaScript is a coding language that allows many of the cool interactions you see on websites today, such as instant feedback, drag and drop, in-line spell checking, etc.  All of us are pressed for time, so if you give me a quicker working product then you know I am going to want to use it.

You can get Google’s Chrome at the following URL – .  The cost is free so give it a try.


Hello world!

A classic kick-off to a tech  blog.  However, this is not a tech blog but a blog that reports what is fresh within the realm of user experience.  This blog is written not for my peers in the industry, but for my mother who is constantly asking what it is I actually do.  It is to offer the man on the street insight into technologies that are getting ready to hit the market or those that are presently being research.